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In refereed journals

Hubble flow variations as a test for inhomogeneous cosmology (with Steffen Mieske, Eelco van Kampen und Werner Zeilinger): direct ADS arXiv
The matter distribution in the local universe as derived from SDSS DR12 and 2MRS data (with Eelco van Kampen, Igor Chilingarian, Steffen Mieske and Werner Zeilinger): direct ADS arXiv
Dozens of compact and high dispersion early-type galaxies in Sloan Digital Sky Survey (with Remco van den Bosch and Steffen Mieske): direct ADS arXiv
Calibrating the fundamental plane using SDSS data (with Steffen Mieske, Werner Zeilinger, and Igor Chilingarian): direct ADS arXiv

Other papers

Improving distance measurments to early-type galaxies beyond the traditional fundamental plane (mit Ian Steer, Owain Snaith, Changbom Park, and Barry F. Madore) in preparation.
Galxies with low dark matter fractions in hydrodynamical simulations (mit Owain Snaith and Changbom Park) in preparation.

Conference proceedings

Observational Aspects of an Inhomogeneous Cosmology (with Steffen Mieske and Werner Zeilinger): direct ADS arXiv

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Observational tests of an Inhomogeneous Cosmology (PhD thesis in astronomy) direkt
Dynamics of the Local Group in different theories of gravity (Masters thesis in astronomy): direct
The Lie-Integrator (Bachelor thesis in astronomy): direct