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This is a critical poem on teachers, which I wrote during my school time. It shouldn't be seen in a too generalized way, because it only opposes certain kinds of teachers and it contains some reference to real events and persons.

Click here to download it (in German).


Here one can find a couple of pictures, which I painted or drew. To zoom, simply click on the picture.


technique: pencil drawing, style: realistic-surrealistic

coastal city with sunset

technique: pencil drawing with some smearing

alpine hut

technique: pencil drawing with some smearing

overhead projector and lectern in the great lecture hall of material physics

technique: quick ball-pen drawing


technique: quick ball-pen drawing

View from the big seminar room

technique: quick ball-pen drawing

beach with palm tree

technique: quick ball-pen drawing

Conceptual art

Easter bunny island

created on Easter island

The explanation

created in front of Whitby Abbey

Woyzeck's favourite peas

created in Santiago de Chile (but doesn't actually matter)

A mad Boston tea party

created in Boston


created in Vienna with Jenny Feige

Tic Tac Toe

created in Vienna

не ешь желтый снег

created in Vienna with Ulrike Kuchner


created in Hermagor (but doesn't actually matter)


My maths joke book is a collection of different mathematics and mathematician jokes as well as a jokes about other sciences. It is written in a mixture of German and English, depending in which language the joke works best.

Click here to download it (in German).